French visual artist, bookmaker and co-founder of MYTO Publishing. Based between France and Italy. ENSP Arles graduate, her work combines photography, printed matter and installation, with a focus on archives, images and artefacts. 

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BRAIN TIME - the phone
2017 - 2022

-> video produced from the book screened as part of Anywhere 02.02.2020, 20:20 event, 02022020.SPACE


The phone est un objet en expension rassemblant la quasi totalité des images accumulées sur mon téléphone portable depuis 2017. Non relié, de nouveaux tirages lui sont ajoutés tous les mois environ, tentant de donner une matérialité à un ensemble de plus de 12 000 images. 


The phone is an expanding object compiling nearly all of the images stockpiled since 2017 whithin my mobile phone. Kept unbound, new prints are added approximately every month, attempting to give materiality to a collection of over 12,000 images.