French visual artist, bookmaker and co-founder of MYTO Publishing. Based between France and Italy. ENSP Arles graduate, her work combines photography, printed matter and installation, with a focus on archives, images and artefacts. 

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-> edition of 15 hand-bounded copies, signed and numbered, offset printing, 21x15cm 

I’LL NEVER BE - 5 images 5 digressions 80 preuves à l’appui
Premier travail réalisé par le collectif MYTO Publishing en décembre  2021, sur la base d’une archive de fiches du consulat de France à Munich, datant des années 80. Sur le ton d’un article Wikipédia fabriquant une grande théorie du complot , MYTO réécrit l’histoire et imagine les possibles liens entre ces inconnus, s’étant croisé au milieu d’événements majeurs de la fin du 20ème siècle.


I'LL NEVER BE - 5 images 5 digressions 80 evidences
First publication by MYTO Publishing collective, December 2021, based on an archive of identity photographs taken in the 80’s from the French consulate in Munich. In the tone of a Wikipedia article automatically producing a conspiracy theory, MYTO rewrites history and imagines the possible links between these strangers, having crossed paths in the middle of major events at the end of the 20th century.